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If you can’t make the date, no problem. We suggest in house workshops for four or more people. Workshops generally run each year so if you send us your details we will send you a reminder when the next one runs

Yes, in house workshops are the most popular option for four or more people.

Yes, our ad hoc consulting workshops can address specific issues where clients perceive gaps in knowledge or skill.

Sales and Marketing functions and activities depend on numerical and analytical measures and metrics, and they have work-streams that need to be understood from a critical and pragmatic point of view. We benchmark both. For example, if you want to understand how effectively your marketing strategy is integrated with your field sales and major customer management, there is no one number that can directly tell you this. Instead, B4P provides a process map to identify road-blocks or missing steps in the ways of working and any existing processes. And B4P shares successful processes from other firms that have already.

Quantitative data tells us if one company is outperforming another across dozens of indicators. Qualitative data describes why and how the results were achieved.
Our balanced scorecard approach means we use stakeholder groups to validate our research and work streams. These stakeholder groups are:

  • Major customers
  • Your internal stakeholders, process owners
  • Indirect competitors
  • Staff

At B4P, we focus on customising our approach and recommendations. We always spend time upfront with stakeholders to learn their issues, required outcomes and givens.
We specialise in large multi-national companies, and therefore you will only be benchmarked with companies you can learn from. In our sales and marketing networks, you will learn from (and share knowledge with) senior marketers and senior sales people who are addressing the same challenges and issues as you are.
Four types of companies benefit from having their processes benchmarked:

  1. Progressive companies that are best-practice orientated.
  2. Those in highly competitive and concentrated markets where they may quickly lose their competitive edge in one area while succeeding in another.
  3. Companies that have not yet been able to identify successful ways of working used in other advanced markets. Similarly, they do not (or cannot) share knowledge with their sister organisations in these countries.
  4. Organisations that have no central best practice function or people to keep ahead of urgent, critical opportunities and threats, such as concentrated customers, difficulty in recruiting Sales and Marketing talent, margin decline due to intense competition, the decline in advertising effectiveness, increasing power amongst Retailers.
  • Diagnose your company problem
  • Find an objective evaluation of where you need to improve, and where you DON’T
  • See the problem from four new perspectives: your team’s (in confidence), your customer’s, your senior stakeholder’s, your indirect competitor’s
  • Acquire cost-effective recommendations on the tools and processes you need to manage in times of complexity and uncertainty
  • Identify metrics to tell you how well your current strategies and tools are working
  • Obtain latest best practice in Sales and Marketing, and acquire specialised advice on whether this will work for your company
  • Attain practical Sales and Marketing tools, templates, checklists and solutions to existing and emerging challenges

At your tailored debrief presentation, rather than the report that may never get fully read, we plan a challenging interactive session where stakeholders and Consultants workshop the findings. During the customised workshop, stakeholders are invited to generate Action Grids and critical paths to the fastest way of addressing the areas that need most focus. For reference and ongoing knowledge transfer management, B4P also provides a report in soft and hard copy.

Clients use B4P to underpin and ensure they continue to improve their strategy and performance year-on-year. They want to be in the know on what good looks like.

No – it’s highly time-efficient. One manager in each department (for example, a Key Account Manager) gives a 90-minute interview. Then all managers with 12 months experience or more complete a 30-minute questionnaire.

We can help you through our expert consultant on a project or one-off basis. Workshops can be run on demand from half a day duration.

Yes. We give our time freely for keynote speeches, conferences and trade bodies.

Contact us for a full cost schedule. The costs depend on whether we are:

  • One-day workshops cost from US$3750 per day excluding costs
  • Benchmark studies cost from US$8450 excluding costs for a two-topic study (e.g. key customer and category management)


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