Best-practice in Category growth using Digital and Social media

One-day workshop for Category Directors, Category Managers, Shopper Marketers and Customer Managers

Retailers around the world are asking suppliers for Digital and Social (D&S) tactics and strategies to activate brands, leverage price, merchandising, range/assortment, and promotion. B4P works globally and in ANZ with suppliers to anticipate and respond to retailers’ demands by identifying best-practice via benchmarking.
B4P’s 2017-8 research into 19 medium to large FMCG suppliers in Australia/New Zealand revealed that resources are now committed to D&S but with an over-focus on ATL and the consumer, with the shopper still relatively ignored for D&S activation. Yet, the opportunity to help shoppers find, choose, buy and share has been identified by strategic suppliers around the world. Budgets and people are already being dedicated to this important new way of growing categories.
Category Managers, Strategists and Shopper Marketers need to be in the loop on global best-practice and local executions of all D&S tactics at the point of purchase for the shopper. And they need the capability to use these in their category plans, range reviews, and to grow the category holistically, in a way that is integrated with ATL and BTL.

“I had no idea that my role was best practice” – Pernod Ricard

“We’ve already booked a meeting to get started on our Point of Sales Digital strategy…” – Frucor

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  • Research-based recommendations leverage data from 2017-8 research of 19 A/NZ FMCG companies. This sample includes single-category and multi-category firms.
  • Local retailer focus (Grocery, P&C and Away from Home/Route/Dairies) keeps the recommendations pragmatic. We continually work with suppliers on retailer plans and engagement, so our recommendations are realistic, best-practice and strategic.
  • Fresh thinking and new ideas are based on best-practice from overseas…and we workshop them. Our sessions are interactive – you will work on developing your own category plans, using new D&S tactics and applying them to your categories/brands.
  • Holistic and integrated. D&S media can leverage ATL, BTL and other D&S activities in your company, to create much greater awareness and trial than traditional PoS tools.

Come and join us on our specially dedicated LinkedIn group and share in our content, discussion with other professionals, and keep up to date:

  • How Digital and Social (D&S) fits in your category planning process; how to integrate ATL and BTL tactics and optimise activation using D&S.
  • How suppliers are using D&S now to grow categories, both overseas and Australia: how D&S is resourced, including data from B4P’s 2017 research on structure, spend, number of roles/resources involved in D&S, and how much time is allocated to Category and Trade by either D&S budgets and/or departments.
  • How retailers will use D&S media in conjunction with suppliers, or leverage better terms/increase revenue from suppliers. Includes global best-practice by retailers.
  • How to use a Path to Purchase Model, Zero Moments of Truth (ZMOT) in your category planning:
    – pros and cons of common models (such as: believe/want/find/buy/share/advocate);
    – Points of Engagement, and where it fits in ZMOTs and Path to Purchase
  • Category Lever I: Price – how D&S can justify both price premiums and deals, and educate shoppers.
  • Category Lever II: Off-locations and flex space – how to interrupt and drive shopper traffic to the aisle using D&S.
  • Category Lever III: Out-of-stocks – how Digital can help minimise out-of-stocks when products are on deep discount.
  • Category Lever IV: Merchandising – how to increase interactivity of traditional materials, and new ways to do merchandise using D&S.
  • Category Lever V: Value-added promotions – how to increase trial at the Point of Purchase using D&S.
  • Big Data 101. An introduction to Asia Pacific resourcing and practices on big data – how Big Data drives D&S decisions. How to leverage Big Data in your category plan, including minimum scorecards needed, and a vision for your data strategy into the future. How D&S activations can be designed around data and scorecards.
  • Mobile applications. Understand this critical part of the D&S landscape, identify which apps to embrace and avoid, and which ones the retailers are most likely to use with (or in spite of) suppliers’ support.
  • Emerging trends. What’s next for Category Managers and Directors in D&S?
  • Take-outs and make it happen. This part of the workshop helps you use and customise what you have learned for your own category, activity and strategy. Also, it puts emphasis on making it work, whether you are working on budgets of $10K, $100K and on single, three-to-five, or multiple categories.

Price is AU$395 +GST/local taxes. Includes workbook, USB, tools, templates, full-day workshop, 90-day online or telephone support post workshop, research summaries and debriefs including budgets on Digital and Social (D&S), ideal structures of category and D&S Departments.

Discounts of 5% per person for two or more people.
In-house available from $1,750 for minimum of five people.

  • B4P works with 80% of the Fortune 500 FMCG firms in 22 countries around the world. It is FMCG-specific.
  • Research-based – everything B4P reports on and recommends is based on both local and global research. If we recommend it, it either is being done or can be done in your local markets.
  • Customised. One size does not fit all in FMCGs. You may have a big budget, a small budget, or no budget. We can help you understand how to resource, and engage retailers with D&S, no matter whether you manage one category or 20.
  • Our material is new. B4P researches every year, reports on latest trends and fresh thinking and shares it with clients.
  • It’s all about you. Our workshops are instructionally designed and use adult-learning principles to be easy to follow, learn, absorb and most important – USE RIGHT AWAY.
  • Profit and growth. We cost out our recommendations and provide case studies.
  • Copy/paste. The workbook is available in hard copy, on USB, CD, and as a download for clients from our website.

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